Our laboratory is interested in the basic mechanisms of arrhythmias, tissue engineering, and stem cell based cardiovascular repair. Our studies pointed to the initial stages of ectopic beat formation, uncovered the adverse cardiac effects of plasticizers, anti-arrhythmogenic effects of stem cells grafts and novel ways to visualize necrotic tissue in vivo. Our multidisciplinary team includes physiologists, immunologists, engineers and molecular biologists. Read more about our lab and our projects .


The George Washington University's Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) promotes new tissue engineering innovation from our laboratory. We designed a new organ that can help to return blood flow from veins lacking functioning valves. It is a rhythmic cuff made of cardiac muscle cells that surrounds the vein. Read more

Allied Minds and The George Washington University partner to form LuxCath LLC. The George Washington University (GW) and Allied Minds, Inc., a premier U.S. investment firm, announce the formation of LuxCath LLC, a medical technology company that is developing real-time lesion visualization technology based on breakthrough research from our laboratory.